Health Officer

County Health Officer is appointed under NRS 439.290  County health officer: Appointment; qualifications; term.

 1. On or before January 1 next following each general election, the board of county commissioners shall appoint a county health officer for the county.

 2. The county health officer must be appointed on the basis of his or her graduate education in public health, training, experience and interest in public health and related programs.

 3. The term of office of the county health officer is 2 years or until a successor has been appointed and qualified.

[Part 6:199:1911; A 1913, 126; 1919, 221; 1919 RL § 2957; NCL § 5240] — (NRS A 1981, 603)

Release of First Monkeypox case, August 13, 2022 (pdf)

  1. Griffith, Danny (jpg)

    Dr. Danny Griffith

    Nye County Health Officer