Employee Engagement Committee

Employee Engagement Committee banner (png)

Purpose: The Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) will foster a more inclusive environment for Nye County Employees. Members partner with leadership to create, develop, and champion a cohesive, collaborative organization supporting Nye County's goals. Employee engagement is an employee's emotional commitment to the organization and the organization's goals. "Engaged" employees give discretionary effort, which in turn both increases performance and decreases turnover. 

Employee Engagement Committee Charter (pdf)

We want to hear from you!! If you have something you think our Engagement Committee should know, please email the team or drop us a line. All comments are held anonymous by the Committee. 

Employee Champions (2-year initial term): 

  • Chelsea Becht - Sheriff's Office
  • Tammy Engel - Sheriff's Office
  • Diana Garcia - Human Resources
  • Maria Guerra - Health and Human Services 
  • Michele Hand - Information Technology 
  • Shila Henderson - Health and Human Services   
  • Christa Ledbetter - Health and Human Services  
  • Jaynee Reeves - Administration
  • Kevin Simpson - Buildings & Grounds
  • Jessicas McCutcheon - Finance
  • Honey Strozzi - Finance


  • Frank Carbone – Commission Liaison 
  • Lorina Dellinger – Executive Liaison 
  • Elona Goldner – Human Resources Liaison

Committee Contact Info: employeeengagementcommittee@nyecountynv.gov 

Meeting Info: Second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Pahrump and Tonopah Admin Conference Rooms