Under this program, the Department provides financial assistance to meet the medical and health care needs of eligible applicants. State, federal and third party payers are utilized as prior resources. The Department will be responsible to determine eligibility, as required in the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 428, and the Department Regulations.

Assistance per hospital admit may be provided for those meeting the eligibility criteria at the time of each admit. For eligible applicants, the Department will pay for inpatient medical care, emergency room treatments at facilities within Nye County; and certain "pre-authorized" out-patient procedures (when fundings available) that have been deemed medically necessary. Nye County does not provide ongoing medical assistance or insurance and does not pay for doctor fees or for co-pays.

For further information regarding this program contact the Pahrump Office at (775) 751-7096 or Email

For additional resources contact the GOVERNOR'S OFFICE FOR CONSUMER HEALTH ASSISTANCE at either 1-888-333-1597 or