District Attorney

A Message from the District Attorney's Office

Welcome to our website.  Before you elected me to be your District Attorney, I promised I would stand and fight for our values and freedoms, protect the public, and honor the Constitution.  I remain dedicated to those goals and dedicated to serving you.

All of us in my office are proud to serve the people of Nye County.  This website aims to inform you about what we do and to let you know about victim and witness rights.  We also encourage your feedback, so we have also provided this as an easy way for you to communicate with us.  If you have any suggestions, please submit them in writing to our office.

Overview of the District Attorney's Office

The people of Nye County elect the District Attorney to serve four-year terms.  As District Attorney, I manage criminal prosecutions in the County and am also the legal counsel for the County and its officers.  My office also helps the State of Nevada in protecting children from abuse and neglect while also assisting parents in obtaining and enforcing child support orders, including criminal prosecution for non-support in appropriate cases.

We have an office located at 1520 E. Basin Avenue in Pahrump (the Courthouse) and an office located at 101 Radar Road in Tonopah (also in the Courthouse).  For staff contact information please visit our Staff Directory.


CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS.  We seek justice for victims of crime by prosecuting the accused.  Our focus is on what happened to the victim and what would be a just outcome for not only the immediate victim but the victim’s family, the community as a whole, and the accused.  With that principle in mind, we decide whether to charge, what to charge, and whether to offer a plea deal or go to trial.  We handle all felony and misdemeanor cases, including adult cases, juvenile cases, traffic citations, state law violations, and local ordinance matters.

We recognize and respect the rights of all crime victims and encourage the exercise of those rights. We are here to help victims through the legal process and to help them to obtain the assistance they may need to cope with and recover from the impact of the crime.  To learn about victim rights and resources, visit the Victims and Witnesses page.

CIVIL REPRESENTATION FOR NYE COUNTY.  We also provide legal advice on civil matters and civil litigation services to the County Commission and agencies of the county government.  By fulfilling this mission with consistent excellence, we minimize the County’s liability and allow the county government to serve you efficiently and effectively.

We represent the interests of the public in child abuse and neglect matters referred by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  This includes filing and litigating petitions for protective custody and, when appropriate, termination of parental rights.  We also represent the state in juvenile cases and in habeas corpus proceedings initiated by criminal defendants.

We represent the County in state and federal courts.  This includes reviewing contracts, drafting ordinances and other documents, attending County Commission meetings, providing legal opinions on federal, state, and local issues, advising the Commission, and advising other entities in the County government.  When the County opts to bring in outside legal specialists or insurance counsel, we work with them to ensure the best outcomes for the County.

Please note: The District Attorney's Office is prohibited from providing advice to private citizens on any legal matter.

Child Support

Through a contract with the State of Nevada, the District Attorney’s Office helps parents obtain and/or enforce child support orders.  The process can typically be handled simply through written correspondence. An application package must be completed and returned to either the Pahrump or Tonopah office; if an application package is submitted to the Pahrump location, it will be forwarded to Tonopah within 1-3 business days. We are dedicated to providing excellent service to all who need assistance.  Appointments in Pahrump or Tonopah are available on request for people who wish to discuss their cases. For additional information about Child Support, please contact:

Nye County District Attorney's Office (Tonopah)
P.O. Box 593
101 Radar Road
Tonopah, NV 89049
Phone: (775) 482-8117
Fax: (775) 482-8175

Victims of Crime Statement

The Nye County District Attorney’s Office is committed to advocating for the rights of victims and their families throughout the criminal justice process. The District Attorney’s office works to ensure victims affected by crime are informed and supported during court proceedings by providing case status notification, restitution assistance, and information on resources in the community.