Criminal Court Information

Criminal Information

Tonopah Justice Court hears felony and gross misdemeanor cases to determine whether there is enough evidence for the case to be bound over to District Court for trial. It also hears misdemeanor non-traffic cases such as; Domestic Battery, DUI, Battery, Petit Larceny and all other charges when there is an arrest made rather than a citation issued.

Please check in with the Justice Court clerk at least 15 minutes prior to your hearing.

Attorney Information

At your arraignment, you will be interviewed by the Judge to determine if you qualify for a Public Defender. If you are deemed eligible for a Public Defender, you will be given his/her contact information. If you are denied a Public Defender, or wish to obtain an attorney on your own, your attorney will need to file an Authorization to Represent with the court.

Posting Cash Bail

If someone posts bail on your behalf, and if a refund is to be made, it will be payable to the person that posted the bail.