General Recording Requirements


REQUIRED FORMAT FOR DOCUMENT; NRS 247.110:The provisions of Nevada Revised Statute 247.110 were revised in the 2001 Nevada State Legislative Session and were revised again in the 2003 Session. The provisions in Senate Bill 451 of the 2003 Session that amend NRS 247.110 are the following:

SB 451:

Section 1.

4. [A] Except as otherwise provided in this section and subsection 4 of NRS 247.305, a document, except a map, certificate or affidavit of death, military discharge or document regarding taxes that is issued by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Department of the Treasury, that is submitted for recording must:

(a) Be on white, 20-pound paper that is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches in size .

(b) Have a margin of 1 inch on the left and right sides and at the bottom of each page .

(c) Have a space of 3 inches by 3 inches at the upper right corner of the first page and have a margin of 1 inch at the top of each succeeding page.

(d) Not be on sheets of paper that are bound together at the side, top or bottom.

(e) Not contain printed material on more than one side of each page.

(f) Not have any documents or other materials physically attached to the paper.

(g) Not contain:

(1) Colored markings to highlight text or any other part of the document;

(2) A stamp or seal that overlaps with text or a signature on the document, except in the case of a validated stamp or seal of a professional engineer or land surveyor who is licensed pursuant to chapter 625 of NRS;

(3) Text that is smaller than a 10-point Times New Roman font and is printed in any ink other than black; or

(4) More than 9 lines of text per vertical inch.

5. The provisions of subsection 4 do not apply to a document submitted for recording that has been filed with a court and which conforms to the formatting requirements established by the court.

ASSESSORS PARCEL NUMBER / GRANTEE`S ADDRESS; NRS 111.312: A notice of completion, a declaration of homestead, a lien or notice of lien, an affidavit of death, a mortgage or deed of trust, or any conveyance of real property or instrument in writing setting forth an agreement to convey real property must contain: (a) The mailing address of the grantee or, if there is no grantee,the mailing address of the person who is requesting the recording of the document; and (b) The assessor`s parcel number, except on the transfer of water rights, of the property at the top left corner of the first page of the document.

LEGAL DESCRIPTION; NRS 111.312: If a document that is being recorded includes a legal description of real property that is provided in metes and bounds, the document must include the name and mailing address of the person who prepared the legal description. The County Recorder is not required to verify the accuracy of the name and mailing address of such person. If the document has been previously recorded, the document must include all information necessary to identify and locate the previous recording, but the name and mailing address of the person who prepared the legal description is not required for the document to be recorded. The County Recorder is not required to verify the accuracy of the information concerning the previous recording.

TAX ADDRESS; NRS 111.312: A grant bargain or deed of sale, Quitclaim deed, Warranty deed or Trustee`s deed upon sale must contain the name and address of the person to whom a statement of the taxes assessed on the real property is to be mailed.

LEGIBILITY; NRS 247.120: Documents must be clearly readable and capable of producing a legible imaged record. Before accepting a document conditionally, the recorder shall require the person who requests the recording to sign a statement that the person has been advised of the requirements described in this subsection and record the statement with the document.

DOCUMENTS - EXHIBITS - ATTACHMENTS; NRS 239.051, 239.070, 247.110, 247.120: Must be submitted on paper suitable for recording by a method used by the recorder to preserve the records.

PARTIES:Name of parties to be indexed must be contained in the document.

NAMES UNDER SIGNATURE; NRS 247.190: Names must be printed or typed under all signatures except notaries and witnesses.

NOTARY ACKNOWLEDGMENT; NRS 111.240 & 111.310, NRS 240.161-169:Documents affecting title to real property must be properly acknowledged.

TITLE:Documents should be identified as to the type of document and should be authorized, entitled or required by law to be recorded.

RETURN ADDRESS:A name and address where the document should be sent after recording must be shown on the face of each document. NOTE: Enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope will EXPEDITE the return of your document after recording. Please be sure that the address on the envelope matches the address on the face of the document, where the document needs to be returned.

OTHER:Depending on the type of document, additional requirements may apply.

NONRECORDABLE DOCUMENTS: Negotiable instruments (stocks, bonds, money); vital records such as birth or death certificates; and certain other types of documents, such as passports, citizenship papers, copyrights, wills, trademarks or documents not authorized, entitled or required by law, are not recordable.

Recorder personnel are forbidden by Nevada Revised Statutes to practice law, which includes advising what forms are needed, how to fill them out, or giving any other legal advice.