Shelter Opportunities

Tonopah Shelter Volunteer Opportunities


  • Help keep our cats happy and healthy by keeping cages clean, socializing and feeding.
  • Volunteers also help increase their adoptability by providing exercise, mental stimulation, basic grooming, socialization and love! This position requires a lot of animal handling so some experience with cats is strongly encouraged.
  • Volunteers also load washers and dryers, fold laundry, wash food & water dishes and clean litter pans.


  • Help keep our dogs happy, healthy and clean!
  • Spot clean kennels and basic housekeeping,
  • Volunteers also load washers and dryers, fold laundry, wash food & water dishes.
  • This is a very physical, sometimes dirty job and many of the dogs are large and untrained. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. Volunteers should be comfortable around active dogs of all sizes and breeds.


  • Provide exercise, mental stimulation, training and socialization to dogs available for adoption. With supervision and approval from the shelter supervisor, dogs may be taken outside, one at a time, in designated areas of the shelter grounds only and allowed to run about and exercise on a daily basis.
  • Poop scooping is implemented during this time, dog feces picked up and put into the designated container used for this purpose and emptied at the end of exercising of the dogs.
  • Again, this can be very physical, sometimes dirty job as many of the dogs can be large and untrained. ANIMAL SHELTER BATHER
  • Volunteers may help groom and bathe animals available for adoption (primarily dogs) to help keep them healthy and in good appearance for potential adopters. Note: this is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have experience or have completed at least 30 hours of volunteer service.


  • All public areas must be checked and cleaned, as needed, with refuge placed in large trash receptacle located in kennel work area.


  • Animal transporters help our shelter guests get to the groomer, to veterinary appointments, to a foster home, and to many other important destinations! On occasion a dog may not be adoptable due to its temperament or recent history, yet we often are able to place the animal in one of the rehab centers located within the state. On those occasions, in an effort to give the dog an additional chance to be homed, transportation toone of these rehab centers is a significant contribution to both our facility as well as the animal. Transporters use their own vehicles, fuel and time to transport these animals to their temporary new homes.


  • Do you enjoy photographing pets? Then this may be your niche. Use your own digital camera to take photos of our adoptable cats and dogs for listing in our local newspaper, social media, Petfinders, etc. In many instances, a great picture and profile are all that's needed to help find a loving family for a deserving animal! Photographers should be comfortable handling animals.