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The Natural Resources and Federal Facilities office (NRFF) (previously known as The Nye County Nuclear Waste Project Office (NWRPO)) was established in 1987 to protect the interests of the citizens of Nye County regarding the federal government's Yucca Mountain Project.

The NRFF provides oversight of the federal government's proposal to amass the national inventory of high-level radioactive waste from both commercial and defense operations at a site within Nye County.

Maintaining Documents

The ADAMS LSN Library (LSN), a web-based information system containing documentary materials relevant to the Department of Energy's planned license application for the high-level radioactive waste repository. The LSN is intended to provide public access to relevant information prior to submittal of the license application.

NWRPO Historical documents

Here you can access the historical NWRPO Quality Assurance Documents and additional history. Please visit the Downloadable Data tab on the home page for current datasets. 

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