Fee Schedule

The Nye County Public Administrator's Office has the responsibility to protect the valuables of individuals who die in Nye County until family or a legal representative can take possession. This service is furnished 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Estate property is brought into the Public Administrator's warehouse for safekeeping; residences are sealed and locked and vehicles are secured. Fees collected for services are returned to fund the Public Administrator's office. This price schedule covers the actual cost of providing the service.

Fee Item
First Call - inventory and securing property$150
Return - to decedent's residence for further investigation or at the request of heirs or family members$100
Financial Transaction$10 per entry
Notary Public$5
Traveling Notary$25
Copying (per page)$.25
Phone Calls$3 flat fee
Hourly Rate - subject to adjust according to level of service$26 - $100 per hr
Personal Property$.075 per day/sq. ft
Vehicles$8 per day
Extra Driver/Local Transport$75
Packaging/Shipping$55 per hour