Amargosa Valley Science and Technology Park


In, 2002, Nye County purchased approximately 61 acres near the intersection of US Highway 95 and NV Highway 373 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada for the development of the Amargosa Valley Science and Technology Park (AVSTP). Nye County has obtained grant funding from the Economic Development Authority to aid in development of the site. While the AVSTP was originally intended to be developed for activities in support of Yucca Mountain, it is ideally situated near proposed renewable energy projects in Amargosa Valley, and is only a short drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. Current site improvements include graded gravel roads with some associated drainage culverts, two 86,500 gallon above-ground water storage tanks, a building housing the booster pump system for fire flow and water mains running throughout the property. Sanitary sewer service is to be provided by individual septic systems or a package treatment plan, based on the proposed use and Nevada Division of Environmental Protection regulations. The final work for providing electricity to the site is currently in progress. Nye County currently uses an approximately 3.5 acre portion of the site as a lay down yard, which is surrounded by chain link fencing. Improvements to the site are ongoing.

For more information on leasing property at the Amargosa Valley Science and Technology Park contact 775-751-7075.  
Asking Price or Appraised Value
Ownership Status
Existing Zoning & Property Land Use
Surrounding Land Uses
Site Characterization Status
Closest Community/City
Potential local, state, tribal and other incentives 61 acres
(Negotiable, however, projects that can demonstrate significant job creation will be provided discounted lease rates.)
Owned by Nye County
Current Land Use is identified as Commercial with Minor Improvements. There are no current zoning regulations in place at the AVSTP or adjacent properties.
Public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, a truckstop and an establisehd commercial enterprise.
Phase I and II assessments complete with no contamination identified at this site.
Amargosa Valley, NV