Voting Machines


Touch-screen voting machines are used in the following locations:

  • All Nye County early voting locations
  • Election day polling places

Voters register their choices electronically by touching a screen, and record them when they touch "Cast Ballot".

These machines provide the option to vote in audio for the visually impaired.

How to Vote With a Touch-Screen Electronic Voting Machine

 Voting Instructions

At any time during the voting process, you may change the language, text size, or contrast by touching the desired option (Language, Text Size, or View) on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

1. INSERT VOTER CARD into the yellow slot.

2. SELECT LANGUAGE on the screen.

3. FIRST PAGE IS TITLE PAGE.  Press the “NEXT” button in the lower right corner to advance to        the contests.

4. TOUCH THE SQUARE next to your choice.  A checkmark will appear and all other squares will        disappear.  If you change your mind, touch the same square again and you can start over.

5. TOUCH “NEXT” to go to the next page of the ballot.

6. TOUCH “PREVIOUS” to return to the previous page of the ballot.

7. YOU MAY REVIEW your choices at any time by touching the  “REVIEW” button in the lower left corner.  At the end of the ballot, the “REVIEW”  screen appears automatically.  It is a summary of the ballot and can be used to avoid missing a contest, but the law DOES NOT require you to vote in all contests. 

  • NAVIGATE THE REVIEW SCREEN by touching the “Scroll Down” or “Scroll Up” buttons

8. TOUCH “PRINT BALLOT FOR REVIEW” OR “MAKE CHANGES”.   A paper record of your ballot       will print  when you select “PRINT BALLOT FOR REVIEW”.  You cannot bypass printing the ballot.

  • If more than one page, touch “Print Next Page”. 
  •  “Make Changes” will take you back to the “REVIEW” screen.  You may then go to the                    contest you wish to change by touching that contest.

9. TOUCH “CAST BALLOT TO RECORD VOTE” OR “MAKE CHANGES”.  Once you touch “Cast         Ballot To Record Vote” you are finished voting and NO changes can be made.  The printout will     show “BALLOT IS ACCEPTED” and light will go out after a few seconds.  

  •  “MAKE CHANGES” will take you back to the “REVIEW” screen and the printout will show       “BALLOT IS REJECTED”.  You may then go to the contest you wish to change by touching that contest.  

10. REMOVE VOTE CARD when you see message at bottom of the screen which says, "THANK YOU FOR VOTING. PLEASE REMOVE VOTE CARD AND RETURN TO ELECTION OFFICIAL".

11. Return card to the election worker who is collecting cards and passing out “I Voted” stickers.